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Our Aims and Ambitions - What We Are All About 
We will revive pride in the sector by clearly explaining what advisers do and what social benefit they bring. We will return the UK advisory community to its paramount position in European policy making. 
We wish to create an effective trade association fit for the 21st century, based on extolling the principles of excellent advice given in a free market to clients who wish to improve their personal and family independence. 
We will use all legally available tactics to further our aims and policies and we will not restrict ourselves to a fixed group of passive tactics. 
Libertatem will conduct itself in a manner as benefits an association of professional businesses. We will identify and promote alternative structures in regulation. 
It will robustly defend the defensible practices of its members whilst requiring its member firms to conform strictly to the Libertatem code of conduct which will be based on the fiduciary duty an adviser owes to his client. 
We will create a democratic structure that will seek to represent the widest numbers and types of advisers in a proactive and positive way. 
We wish to encourage the provision of financial advice to the maximum number of our fellow citizens. 
We will promote the creation of a cost effective, joined up and client facing regulatory system directly responsible either to the Parliament that created it or those who pay for it. 
We will promote transparency in regulatory costs and charges to clients and the media. 
We will fight any additional costs being levelled on our clients for Government projects such as MAS and Pension Wise. 
We will offer commercial advantages to members so that they are able to use their combined market strength to purchase better goods and services for their clients and staff. 
We are enthusiastic about new technology and creating modern alternatives to the traditional face to face advice. 
What We Are Not About 
Living in the past 
Seeking to recreate old structures 
Seeking to fight the battles of the past 
Doing back door deals with the establishment 
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